Our Africa Adventure travel blog

Gary Flynn - our guide.

Tom at the seal boat dock

Seal Island

A Penguin - they were nesting

The male guards the female on the egg.

Two penguins

Gary & Anne in background

Tom probably taking the last picture taken on the stolen camera.

Trying to inflate the flat

Tire shop where camera backpack was stolen. Notice how close to the...

Cape Town, South Africa & Cape of Good Hope

Today we began our touring at 9AM with Gary Flynn of Capt Town Discovery Tours. We headed down to the Cape of Good Hope but on the way stopped for a boat ride to a small island inhabited by seals. After a stop at the Cape, we had lunch and wound our way to a nesting place for penguins. As we reboarded the van, Tom noticed that the passenger side front tire was low and by the time we were passing through an outskirts town on our way back to Cape Town, it had gone completely flat. There was a hole in the sidewall and a new tire had to be put on.

The reason you are not seeing all the pictures from today is because Tom's entire camera kit (2 cameras, 5 lenses, and all the other things) was stolen while the van was in the tire shop. Of course Tom was devastated. The camera (covered by insurance) will be replaced tomorrow, but the pictures of the seals, the Cape of Good Hope sign with Anne & Tom, and countless others are gone. The few pictures you see here are from the iPhone or Anne's camera.

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