Winter 2009-2010 travel blog

Some of the glass I have been tumbling in the rock tumbler

Tried to get one with the sun shining thru.

Here it is 2 pm on Sunday afternoon and I still don't have my Sunday blog written or posted. I have a really good excuse . . . I forgot it was Sunday. It has seemed that everyday since New Years has been Sunday - so when I finally got here - well you know the rest.

That's how it is with us old retired folk. Everyday is a weekend. Today is really nice out and we have been puttering outside. We have about 4 projects going and not one of them near to being finished so I can post pictures.

Did I tell you about the old dump we found in Salome?? It is right on the street where the hardware store is. It is just packed full of broken glass so I had a ball finding some for my tumbler. I had on good clothes - we had just come from the Dr. or something so we didn't do much searching. I also had only a plastic Wal*Mart bag to collect with so I was very limited to how much I could bring back. But I found two bottoms of old 5 gallon water bottles. They are about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick. They break up with a lot of edges and tumble beautifully. They look like blue glacier ice.

I also had a champagne bottle from somewhere. It was a pretty yellowish olive color. It really tumbled pretty. The cone in the bottom made some really neat shapes. (Later in the afternoon - I uploaded some pictures of the glass cause this entry is lame without at least pictures. :) )

We also finally explored a road between here and Q called Desert Mine Road. I saw some sparkle along the road and found a whole pile of Fiestaware broken. I gathered them up anyway and they look fantastic in my flower bed. Again, I had nothing to collect it with so need to put some buckets or bags in the truck.

So - hopefully I will remember when Thursday is and will post here then. In the meantime, have a great week!!

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