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Left hostel before 8am hoping to avoid the rush hour on the Metro but...still, it was very easy getting to the south bus terminal, even easier than Norte. Got an economy bus which saved us 50p ($4US each) and the only difference was no on board toilet and no movies which are only in dubbed Spanish w/o subtitles anyway. Less than 2 hours and great views of snow capped volcanos (2) and pretty agric countryside (again, mostly corn grown), we arrived in Puebla...very easy to get a colectivo bus outside station which took us (or would have, had we not gotten confused on LP map therefore got off too early) within 6-8 blocks of Hostel Santo Domingo. Nice place, very quiet unlike the one in MX City, and once settled we headed out to Cholula, a town just outside Puebla where the largest pyramid (at base size) in the world is located. It was quite difficult to visualize the size even walking around it and since the tunnels discovered inside were closed due to repairs, all we could do was go to the museum (ok) and climb to the top as well as walk around most of the perimiter.

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Up to now we have met travellers from Switzerland, US, Germany, Holland, Spain, Canada, and Australia. Actually, one couple from LA area was in Glacier Park last year the SAME DAY we were! We know because it was a weekend/free day upon the opening of Going-to-the-Sun highway, July 4th! We met them on top of (of all places!) the Pyramid to the Sun in Teotihuacan. Amazing how small a world we live in. It seems there are spheres of reality for different 'families' of humans - many may overlap but there are some which never come in contact, except in conflict. How to bring all these separate spheres into the same Earth seems to be our huge dillema. To say nothing within a sphere where every individual makes demands (spoken or not) on every other. The complexity only gets greater as education becomes increasingly difficult to accomplish giver the hoarding of resources by the few...dare I say monopolization. So acceptance, forgiveness, and taking personal responsibility for our actions seems to be what might make the future a bit brighter?

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