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Punta Sal

Sunset at Punta Sal

Oh its a hard life!!

Well we arrived in sunny Lima early afternoon and the first thing we did was have a Macdonalds. Yes I know its bad but the craving was too much to resist!!! Heard only bad things abou Lima but actually it was OK!! We went for a few (ahem) drinks that evening in Miraflores and ended up in a club called Tequilla Rocks that comes highly recommended in the old Lonely (LYING)Planet. It soon became apparant that the club was in fact a brothel!!!! Me, Luce, Paula and Anita were the only proper ladies in there, if you catch my drift!!! It was all quite funny - I have never seen so much silicon in my life. Stayed fairly late all considered, and got up the next day feeling a bit rough (common theme on this trip) so had another Macdonalds to cure me. AAARGHH!! Not had a Macdonalds for ages and suddenly 2 in as many days. I may have to go up the Inca Trail again to work it off (er,maybe not....) Had a wander round the Plaza in Lima and did a bit of bar shopping that afternoon. That evening got a cab to Chinatown where we had the most amazing meal. I have never had such a nice chinese in the UK. Got a cab back to the hotel and managed to arrive alive. Cab drivers in Lima are bloody nutters. They go up the pavements and cannot stop beeping their horns even though it aint gonna get them very far!! An experience anyway......

Left Lima on Sunday and we had a very long drive to Huanchaca in the North of Peru whhere we are staying in a lovely hotel. A few people went surfing and body boarding today - its a lovely town. Me old mate Katrina was here just 2 days ago! Shame to have missed her. Off to Sipan and another beach tomorrow!

Adios for now.

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