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People lining up for the Chile at the Village Square

It has been so long since I wrote a new journal entry that I had to re-read the last one to see where I left off. Looks like a lot more has happened since then so let’s get going.

Wednesday and Thursday was more of the same.. Sorting, cleaning, cooking... Friday evening we had a pot luck dinner so most of my day Friday was spent cooking and setting up at the clubhouse. We had a great turn out and left just in time to go to the front activity center and do our Wii bowling.... We played four games and my last one was a score of 200.... Wish I had a bunch of those years ago when I bowl on a league.... Well come to think of it, it did have my share but that was when I was a whole lot younger.

Saturday was another concert at Silver Springs... They are trying a lot of rock concerts this year to draw the younger crowd and they are succeeding but we opt to pass this one and go to the Marion Market and the Villages... I stocked up on fruits and vegetables at the market and then we found some nice rose bushes that we bought to replace the hibiscus bushes we lost in the last freeze.... Gee I hated to loose those, but today I bought a small bush just so I could pick a flower every day for my hibiscus vase. The roses also got some heavy frost but they will come back soon.

We arrived at the Villages just in time for a late lunch but we soon found out that something was going on and parking was not very close.... We drove around and finally got settled in a lot quite a ways away and went looking for the reason of the huge crowd.... Chile Cook Off…. What a good thing to come in on.... We joined the crowd and were given samples of their chile.... It sure was great... We continued on to Too Jays Deli where we had our lunch... Their food is always so good. This time I was able to test out their healthy foods... The salad I ate was one of the best I have ever tasted. The egg salad was mixed with cottage cheese instead of mayo and it was delicious. I don’t even remember what Bill had but I do know that he asked for a take out bag and enjoyed it again later.

Sunday….. Slow morning that found us taking a few minutes to read the paper. The first thing Bill read was the ads for Best Buy... His 5 year old laptop was so bogged down he could hardly get on anymore.... He found what he wanted and off we went to take a look. He wound up with a new and is still having fun transfering everything over.... Of course I wanted to do my part in helping the economy too so we also got a Web Cam for my computer so I could see my new little great-grand baby and we both couldn’t resist the Wii.... You just knew we would get that didn’t you?... We have been so busy since then that we don’t even have it connected yet.

Monday was exercises, a meeting and back to sorting and getting rid of stuff… Will it never end?... Well the yard sale is on Saturday morning so that should help. Monday night was Bingo and I donated my money to the lucky winners.

Monday was also a very special day for both Bill and I.... We both have daughters born on that day.... This is the hardest time for us when we can't share in on those special days but at least we were able to talk to them on the phone.... Hope you both have a very special year Terri and Cheryl.... We Love You.

Tuesday morning Bill had an appointment at the Ford Garage to get new brakes on the truck. Everyone kept telling us that we didn’t need new brakes yet but we have 102,000 miles and we would feel better if we had new ones so he brought the truck in at 7:30 in the morning. I continued sorting and getting rid of things and he returned late in the afternoon. We finished dinner just in time for our monthly activities meeting. Finally got home about 8:00 and promptly fell asleep on the couch.

Wednesday was …… oops, today is Wednesday. We brought a truckload of things to the clubhouse to donate to the yard sale today and I still have more to bring. On Friday the committee will price these and hopefully we can make some money for the many things we still need.

The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping and getting my hair cut. Thanks Linda, you did another great job. In case you don’t know Linda, she is the hairdresser of about ½ of our park. One person has a great hair do and tells the next one and you know how that is. Anyway, Linda is at a Salon called Mane Styles not too far from us and everyone loves her work.

Tonight we went through four more cupboards and have another ton to bring to the yard sale. I’ll be so glad when Friday is over.

Tomorrow is our day off…… We are going to meet our dear friends Sandy and Ken at the beach for lunch and then walk barefoot in the sand… We will be very close to Daytona and this is the week of the big Daytona 500 ... I hope it isn’t too crowded.... Even so, it has been too long since we have seen these great friends.


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