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Muay-Thai Boxing

Traditional dinner on the floor

Lexi on the stage!!

Drum boys at the dinner show

Khao Soy noodles

Festival parade

Lexi is just about to let a lantern in the air

and it has been let go

Hiro letting a kratong into the river

Celebrating with Thai local, cheers!!

So we have extended our stay for 2 extra nights in Chiang Mai to see “Loy Kratong” and “Yi Peng” festivals, two of the biggest festivals in Thailand. They are traditionally performed on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month, which falls in November.

We left our hotel around 6pm, and the street was already full of people, and the traditional parade (very long) was passing by the front of the hotel. Performers wear traditional costumes, and some play music with Thai traditional Instruments like drums etc.

We enjoyed the parade for a while, and headed to the “Khao Soy” Restaurant, this curry noodle soup is unique to Chiang Mai, and the restaurant was recommended by Lexi’s Mum. Hiro, who calls himself as “noodles connoisseur” and has been eating noodles wherever we are, absolutely loved it. It has crispy noodles on the top and underneath there are also soft rice noodles, and it comes with at least 6 condiments that you can put in to it. It was very spicy for Hiro, but Lexi added more chilli to make it spicier!!

After the delicious dinner we headed down to Ping river to watch the festivities of lights. This festival is amazingly beautiful at night at river, as Thais float “Kratong” on the river, which is the lotus-shape vessel with candle on it. Kratongs are made out of banana leaves, and can float on water. It was just stunning scene to see thousands of Kratongs floating down the river.

And that’s not just it, if you look up to the sky, there were again thousands of lit-up lanterns in the air as well!! We bought one Kratong and one floating lantern for ourselves to join the festival. This is done to float away ill fortune as well as to express apologies to Khongkha and Ganga, the river goddess.

There were also people letting off fireworks in any direction, making it almost impossible to avoid accidents. We have seen a few hitting other people, but not too seriously though. They were still laughing.

We enjoyed more cultural experiences in Chiang Mai, we watched Muay-Thai Boxing, Hiro was of course very excited to see it. We also had traditional dinner on the floor while we watched cultural dancing shows. We were picked to come up to the stage and dance with them, very good memory of Chiang Mai and was great dinner too.

Very hard to leave Chiang Mai that has become our favourite place in Thailand, we are now heading into the Asia’s most relaxing country “Laos” by 2-day boat cruise down the Mekong river!!

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