Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

You better get this right or you're Croc food!

Yep - I'm perfectly in control, thats why I'm wearing Gaffer tape...

Ickle 'Cwocodile...



Ha ha ha, you're shorts look ridiculous!

...Steves Gecko had been on the protein shakes again!

..surveying the possiblity of a nice new set of boots for the...

..flying crocs!

Croc hunter eat your heart out!

HUGE Snake!

Snake on a diet!


Massive Tortoise, handsome aint he?!

..notice the hand for scale! ;o)

In Brisbane now, went to the man made beach along the river and today we went to the Australia Zoo, owned by Mr Khaki Shorts himself, Steve Irwin. It was an absolute scorcher and was a bit uncomfotable at times but nevertheless, saw the Crocodile show hosted by Steve which was really cool - he had the thing swimming round after him and dropping scraps into its jaws from about a foot away, quite tense but the thing never seemed to be going for Steve at all, just the meat in his hand - I reckon they just have a big guy in a suit and a wickid make-up artist! Also saw Kanga's, Koala's, a massive snake, HUGE tortoises that made loud screeching noises if you get too close and a poor little Tasmanian Devil just doing gentle galloping laps of his enclosure - looked bored senseless. (Definately needed good 'ol Bugs Bunny to cheer him up!)

Off to Mooloolaba tomorrow and i think I'm in for a skydive but I'm not sure yet - keep you posted.

Speak soon,


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