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Georgia Lewis with Her 'Camper of the Year' Award

This afternoon I received the sad news that one of my Cen-Tex LoW camping club friends, Georgia Lewis, had passed away. We will miss her from our campouts. She is one of the first people in the club whom I had met. She was a talented seamstress and crafts person. She made our club flag, as well as smaller individual flags for all the members.

Today there was an annual meeting of the Corps of Engineers with resort managers around Lake Texoma. U S Army Colonel Anthony Funkhauser, Commander of the Tulsa District of the Corps of Engineers, and Earl Groves, Chief of the Operations Division, were here. The Colonel sat at my table for lunch so I had a chance to get a bit better acquainted with him. He seems to be very nice. The people in the meeting with him said that he is reasonable and rather low key.

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