Autumn in New England 2008 travel blog

On the weekend campgrounds change personality. During the week they are quiet and somewhat empty; many of the campers are geezers. When we got up this morning we were surrounded by a large family reunion with kids playing ball and zipping around on their bikes. The noise was happy and it is fun to see kids having fun, but it was time for us to move on. Now we are in an unusual campground that is transmogrifying from a trailer park into to a campground. Since they don't have a pool or clubhouse yet, they do not attract family groups and we are in quiet once again.

We're hoping that this is the end of the turnpikes and tollways. They are expensive when driving a car and since we have eight wheels on the ground we usually pay double. It's hard to make good time when you have to stop periodically to pony up. Because many of the roads around our home are tollways, we have an I-PASS machine. This allows us to pay electronically and zip through the toll booths at normal speed. In our state the rates are reduced 50% for I-PASS user. The Chicago area known for heavy traffic and I-PASS speeds things up a bit. We knew that we could use our I-PASS in Indiana and have been surprised to learn that we could use it in Ohio and Pennsylvania as well. When you drive in a motor home, you don't zip through a toll booth (or anything else), but it helps not to have to dig around for $$$. At home our machine is set for a car toll, and the attendant has to make a manual adjustment for the towed car, but here the electronic lanes have no attendants, only a gate. We have no idea if we are paying the correct amount. Ask us if we care...

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