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Entrance to the Noyo River, just 7 miles north of Mendocino

Big concerns on whether or not we could clear the Hwy 1...

From our slip looking towards the winding Noyo entrance

Noyo Entrance from shore

From the Hwy 1 bridge looking into the river. Blue Aweigh is...

Mike in Northspur, furthest point for the train.

Standing at the station where they ultimately turn the train around to...

From the conductor's seat exiting the tunnel.

Our dock neighbors

9/7/08 - We made it in about 13 hours after weathering some confused seas. Not much wind but 8 - 10 ft. mixed swell. We are resting, cleaning and exploring will update in a few days...

9/10/08 - Looks like our weather window has arrived. We will depart in the morning 9/11 and make way to Shelter cove (37 miles) where we will anchor overnight. On Friday morning, 9/12 we expect to make our way around Cape Mendocino to Humboldt Bay/Eureka, another 60 miles. It makes me a bit nervous to say this, as Cape Mendocino is legendary, but the winds and seas look about as good as we can expect.

We have had a restful stay in Ft. Bragg without television thus have watched a dvd every night and done much reading. The people and scenery are quite nice. First two days we had beautiful sunny temperate days. Then, the infamous marine layer moved in and has yet to depart reminding us of Ventura's June gloom. We have found a few tasty restaurants, a nice nearby Harvest Market (lots of local & organic stuff) and rode the Skunk Train. Locals and our friend Bruce recommended the train ride. Briefly it is a 1935 diesel train which travels 20 miles into the forest and back. The tracks were originally laid for logging but is now for tourists and a few summer camps and homes along the way. Scenery from the train,along the Noyo River was nice but surprisingly few animals were seen. Overall impression, overpriced.

Two bad things happened to me in Fort Bragg. I got stung twice by a yellow jacket and just days earlier in the very same spot,I slipped on gravel in the road heading downhill on the way back from the market, weird! After Mike cleaned,iced and bandaged me up I contemplated life on a boat without working knees. The word that came to mind is impossible. So a few days later I slowly limp/jog while I rehab and walk with Mike about 4 miles daily (shopping and excercise trips). I resolve to be more careful in the future. So pizza and beer tonight and we will cast off the dock lines in the a.m. and make some northward progress.........unless the 9 pm weather update is unfavorable! Miss you all.

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