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My Joshua Tree motel, I reckon not the one U2 stayed in

More Joshua Tree

On the trail

Old petroglyphs

Skull Rock, J-Tree

There are two sections to this entry. First - on this page - is the normal one for this day, the last of the first stage of my trip. The second - on page 2 - is a sort of 'Best of' of that first stage, almost all in California. Its more best pictures than best things, as some great things and experiences I don't have good photos of.

Tonight we stayed in Sedona, after I drove several hundred more miles to Phoenix to meet Erica at Sky harbour Airport, before driving a few hundred more miles north to Sedona. We were both very tired!

So this morning I had my usual fry up American breakfast (bacon, eggs fried over easy, rye bread, cawfee) and then went back to J-Tree for more gorgeous views and short hikes, including some old petroglyphs (like cave paintings, and really rather cool). I updated the internet in some computer shop, which they let me do for free. Then it was a fast and long drive to Phoenix, traffic delays would have made me late, but Erica was also late, so it all worked out fine. It often takes over an hour to get through US customs what with retinal scans, fingerprints, questions, etc.

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