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Sunset, Wednesday, Nov 22

Sunset - another view

Wes and Brian and the Scout

Wes with his fried turkey

Sunrise Thanksgiving morning

Monday afternoon, November 27

Wednesday evening, November 22, our family arrived at the farm. Mike and Zack arrived on Thursday afternoon since Zack had to work on Thanksgiving morning. We celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and the fall birthdays. Wes, Sunny and Zoe all have birthdays the end of October/beginning of November, so we usually celebrate them all together somewhere. It was a full weekend and we had a great time. Mike and Zack had to leave on Friday evening since Zack had to work again on Saturday morning. Sunny and Brian went home a day early on Saturday, since the person feeding their horses decided not to do that on Saturday or Sunday. Suzy and Zoe were all packed to leave on Saturday evening but decided they were too tired, so they stayed until Sunday morning.

We had great weather - nice and warm while everyone was here. Suzy and Sunny both brought their dogs, so they could stay outside. They are both inside dogs and used to being warm. Our dog, Sophie stays outside most of the time, although lately, she has been coming inside more.

It was a good thing everyone left early because we got a good snow on Sunday night into Monday. It really turned cold and hasn't warmed up since.

Brian went hunting, and he and Wes got out the Scout and took it for a ride. Wes fried his turkey and there was plenty of food. The kids rode the go-karts and Suzy took lots of walks. The girls made some jewelry to fill orders I had for Christmas. It was a good, relaxing weekend and a good visit.

Now we are getting ready to head south to Aransas Pass, Texas.

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