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The French Riviera




Monaco Palace




Monaco Grand Prix

Headng off from Lyon Tanya and I made sure we were the first ones on the coach this time!!

We travelled via Avignon where we stopped for lunch and I had a Nutella crepe for lunch, yum and so much more refined than just eating it straight out of the jar like I normally do!

Heading into the French Riviera was great, so refined, expensive and oh so glamourous. I'm spending 2 night here in Nice, in what is virtually a palatial suite compared to the teensy room that I had been sharing with Tanya up to now where we were sleeping about 10cm apart.

We had only a little time to get all glammed up to head over to the exclusive and expensive principality of Monaco. Drove through the countryside, along the Grand Prix track, went to the casino where i doubled my one and only 25 Euro bet then heqded back into Nice for one of the best nights out I have had in ages. Got home about 5am, had a roomful of people sleeping over.

Spent a lazy day relaxing on the beach and shopping....

Apologies for all the spelling mistakes lately, I can't get a handle on these French keyboards and don't have time to proof read!

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