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Arrow trying hard to be good with all the excitement of being...

NancyAnn, Carolyn with Brookie, Deb with Marshall

NancyAnn with Deb's Marshall at Carolyn's.

Look Closely - - there are 6 dogs waiting for dinner.

Carolyn's Front Porch in October

Leo seems to like me. LOL

Brookie being so smart and good in class.

Roger Finds Some Quiet Time

We left Scotia and headed to Massachusetts to visit Tom and Carolyn and see the new puppies and Panambi (I'll explain later) and the other Golden Retrievers who reside there. I met Tom and Carolyn last October when I flew in for a "gals weekend" and I was so excited to get back there again with all these wagging tails and grinning Goldens. Oh My, Arrow did not know what to make of that many dogs in one place and it was not long before he was playing like he was a puppy again. And those puppies are just as adorable as could be. What fun to nestle a head in that soft fur and smell puppy breath again.

Last year when I was at Carolyn's I met a sweet wonderful Golden named Panambi, which means Butterfly in the Argentinean language. I fell in love with this gentle gal, as does everyone who meets her. She belongs to one of Carolyn's best friends and is the mother of Carolyn's Birdie as well as this new litter. One of the female puppies will be Carolyn's foundation bitch for her new breeding program. Birdie would have been in that position, except she was born with a crooked tail and since it might be genetic, could not be bred.

Anyway, Carolyn does not know yet which puppy will be staying with her, but one girl and Panambi will be going back home in mid October. I was so glad I got to see her one more time and say my good-byes.

We put the rig in their driveway...a very tight fit for them and stayed there until Saturday when Panambi's family were due to arrive for a visit also. We moved to a nice park about 20 minutes away and could still visit and wait for Cora to arrive on Sunday.

One of the exciting things about this visit was also learning about Tom's new venture in business. He and a couple of friends bought a fresh fish market and take out sandwich shop. They also make daily soups and I think chili if I remember right. You cannot believe how wonderful the food is. Besides fresh fish, they also have things like seafood cakes, Stuffed Quahog shells that are to die for, salads and other delights. We foundered on two wonderful dinners Tom put together for us. You can be sure, we will get more when we are in town again.

Cora, who came in on Sunday Oct 1st, and who does not really care for Clam Chowder, fell in love with the Chowder that Tom makes for his restaurant. She said it was the best she had ever eaten and that she wanted more. That was a great compliment to Tom and his culinary abilities for sure.

While we were at Carolyn and Tom's, another e-friend came from New Hampshire to meet us. Deb and I have visited for several years and it was wonderful to meet her finally. She came with her 4 leggers, including her new puppy Marshall. We three gals spent a lot of time giggling and Cora was in the middle of it a lot too.

The other fun thing I got to do was go to Puppy Kindergarten class with Carolyn. She helps teach the class and of course Brookie gets to go along. She was too young when the class started so she is not official, but she has a great time. The class graduated the night I was there.

In one of the pictures you will notice a small boy using Brookie as a pillow. He and his sister are very taken with Brookie and they are so sweet with her. Very gentle and loving. I thought this picture was so very cute.

Carolyn and Tom were so gracious to us. Fed us well, gave us great company and friendship. But the best part was, Carolyn agreed to board Arrow for us while Cora, Roger and I toured Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. I know he will be much more happy playing with all the dogs and having Carolyn's love and attention then being stuck in a motorhome while we 2 leggers are out having fun each day. And, I know he will be safe and not with someone I don't know at all, at all.

So, tomorrow we will leave for the wilds of Maine. We will see main and visit two more of my e-friends. I'll tell you all about that in the next edition.

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