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Inside Chuy's

Part of the entrance

Liz & Ken

Ed & Marilyn

Sherry & Rick

Brian & Deb


Inside view

Yesterday morning brought us a high, gray, overcast sky, but no rain and wonderful temps.

Marilyn did some laundry while I began to pack things to move north. Neighbors were busy outside also doing their own chores. Stephan was washing his trailer and his suburban.

Our neighbor on the other side was working on his little motor bike. I loaned a hose, spray nozzle, car soap, and a step ladder to Stephan, and loaned my air compressor and air gauge to the neighbor from Boston. That is just what RVers do. Isn't it great!

We have everything ready to move with only a few chores remaining before hooking up, but, back to yesterday..

Gina's sister, Dorie, and her husband, Perry, were visiting with Gina and Stephan so we had to go see them and give them some hugs. Hugs are just plain nice!

After a shower and getting dressed, it was just relaxing the rest of the day until 5:30 PM when we left to join Sherry & Rick, Brian & Deb, Liz and Ken, for dinner at Chuy's. We fought the traffic around the 1604 loop and arrived right at the appointed time of 6:15. We had a great time with these good friends, good food, much laughing and just a wonderful time.

We parted with many hugs and promises to see each other again. As you can see from the pictures, they are very nice looking folks.

Marilyn asked me to stop at a Michaels store before returning home. She needed to pick up more clasps for the bracelets she is making.

Well, we will be on the road soon. I hope we have internet service as we travel along. I will keep you informed as the adventure unfolds, along the way.

Can't wait to see what is around the bend......

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