Linda's Tour of Spain 2006 travel blog

Sunset on coast

Ducky does like to be bside the sea

I was walking on that beach five minutes ago!

I cooked dinner whilst looking at that view - on way to...

Lily white Jon on the beach

Me on the beach!

Beauty and the beast

Aaah he looks borwon already :-)

The only way to dry your hair in Spain!

Lunch on the beach - Ducky style!

Well when the beach is deserted - why not!


Bobbing about in the water

Leaving my campsite in the Las Alpujarras on Thursday morning, I had a fantastic drive up into the highest village, called Trevelez. This is where they cure the best serrano ham, it's the cold dry atmosphere that does it! Bought some ham (of course) and some pressies for the family then headed for the coast. This was a scary drive again as the wind was very strong and Ducky rocked around! I was making may way to a specific campsite and, driving on the coast road (lovely views)I rounded a bend, saw a fantastic beach and thought Í wish there was a campsite here'then I saw a sign for one. It was alovely place to stop - a rare unspoiled bit of coastline and a really nice campsite. I went out for a bike ride in the evening, watched the sun set over the beach but had to walk most of the way back as the headwind was too strong for me to cycle! Next day I was up and away, after finally giving poor Ducky the all over wash he had needed for weeks! I spent the day driving the coast road and am now in market garden country there are acres and acres of covered fields and from the distance they look like chalk fields. The beaches here are not so good, being grey and a bit pebbly but because of that there is not much development, making for nice places to be. I drove up another hillside, til at the end of the raod I came to a village called Enix. I expected to be unspoiled but there were loads of new flats clinging to the hillside, obscuring the view for the original houses. The view was stunning and on my way back down I pulled onto tghe side of the road, cooked dinner, had a shower and got changed and enjoyed the peace. After that, I drove to Almeria airport to get Jon and a lot of what I have done since is X-rated!!!!!

We are sitting in a bar in a village called Villaricos, having had a nice Sunday lunch in a restaurant overlooking the sea, the sun is shining we are in shorts and skirts (Um me in the skirt, Jon in the shorts!) little T shirts and sunglasses - wouldnt swap with you for anything! We are having a wonderful lazy few days together but sadly Jon has to go back to reality tomorrow, after which I may have to go back to the one nigh stands for a few days LOL!!

Have some fun photos, but so many cyber cafes hide the clever box on the computer it isnt easy to upload, even though I now have lots on CD AND have the cable to download direct to my laptop. My laptop is doing great service as a Cd player at night and is useless for anything else - I've found two wireless broadband connections and though my machine sees them, it cant connect - any It bods got any ideas why??

Bye for now


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