Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Helmsdale market

mom, dad and me at the stacks

John O'Groats sign

a neolithical family home

Dad and me in the tomb

getting into the tomb

Me and the cutest puppy

This is the guy that discovered the tomb

having breakfast in the hostel

Our tour this morning led us first to Helmsdale where we stopped at a market to get some food for lunch. We stopped off near Wick to check out some stacks (big rocks in the ocean near the shore and cliffs) We ate lunch here next to the ocean where some seals were playing in the water.

We then stopped at John O'Groats. Basically the end of the line in Scotland. Lots of people go there for that reason but it's really just tacky. A guy was there charging people to take a picture with the sign..ridiculous!

We then took a ferry up to the Orkney Islands. Our first stop there was the Tomb of the Eagles. It's a neolithical burial site that was found in the 1960's I think in which they found bones of humans and eagles. Was a really neat place to visit. There was a chamber near the cliffs that you could go into and there was some skulls in there.

We also built our own little rock buildings next to the edge of the cliffs. Was fun. We drove to our hostel in Kirkwall (largest city on the ornkney islands). We went out for dinner and drinks with everyone that night.

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