Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

This morning I was up early because I had a lot to do before heading to my new home in Johnson City. First I had to pay my electricity bill for February -- only $35.28. I had thought it would be quite a bit more than that, so this was a good start to my day. Then I bought groceries at H-E-B and dropped off a package at the UPS store in Georgetown.

From there I headed for IKEA, the Swedish furniture warehouse, in Round Rock to see if they had in stock a file cabinet which I had seen in their catalog. Eureka! Another good thing to add to my day. The cabinet is only 14.25 inches wide, so it will fit in the small space between my desk and the bathroom wall. I had just about given up on finding one that would fit. This one cost a bit more than I wanted to pay and I'll have to assemble it. I've had quite a lot of experience with assembling furniture but had hoped not to have to do it again. Oh, well, I'm just glad that I finally found something that would work for me and that will be a significant improvement on esthetics. Those white plastic storage boxes just don't do much for my senses!

The next stop was at Pflugerville Propane and Trucking Company to top off my propane tank and to get Daisy a much-needed bath. The Georgetown RV park is dusty, so she was covered with fine white powder. The rains we had in February didn't wash any of if off but, rather, just seemed to paste it on! Poor Daisy looked a bit bedraggled.

Then it was on to Austin to pick up my mail. I didn't get to see any of my former neighbors this time. It was the wrong time of day, I guess. I had quite a stack of mail, as usual. As I was heading out of town I noticed that it was still early afternoon so I decided to drop in at the JCPenney Salon to get a haircut. What a relief it was to get my shaggy mane trimmed! It is much more manageable when it's short. Before leaving the mall I grabbed a bite to eat in the Food Court and bought some supplements at GNC.

At last I had finished all my errands and was feeling quite pleased with my progress. On arriving in Johnson City, I stopped at the visitor center to get a map and brochures. Then on to the last stop of the day, Road Runner RV Park. Here the rate includes electricity. My site is near the laundry room. The sites are much smaller than those at Berry Springs but, so far, the park seems quiet. I paid for a month and will decide later whether to stay longer or not.

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