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enjoying the campfire

Our $8 campsite is so picturesque and the weather so fine, we decided to linger here one more day. Why go to Florida for the warmth when it is 75ยบ right here? Rend Lake is so huge, we only explored about half of it, but we are feeling chagrined that we were not more aware of this recreation mecca in our very own state. As we drove around, many facilities were closed: some because it is after November 1 and camping this time of year is usually uncomfortable and others because in COVID times indoor spaces cannot let anyone in. The visitor center has locked its doors and most restaurants have given up. Some looked like they would have been very nice to try. We drove through one exceptionally attractive resort which had a conventional hotel, condos for family groups and a huge boatel, located conveniently near the shore for the floating crowd. Closed, closed, closed. Signs were posted to look out for hunters shooting partridge. Deer hunting season must be soon; we saw so many dead ones alongside the expressway on the drive south.

So we returned to our home away from home to enjoy a campfire and watch the fishermen gather in clumps gather in small groups where the schools of fish floated beneath them. We watched a group of friends decorating an outdoor pavilion for a wedding - a very brave move this time of year, but a great choice for keeping their friends and family healthy. We ate lunch at a drive-in enjoying delicious, exceptionally unhealthy food and listening to the latest election news. While our state is so reliably blue that no one bothers to come here to campaign, south of I-80 people are far more conservative than those in the north. We have not seen a single Biden sign. The locals must feel incredibly frustrated to be so outnumbered year after year.

As I suspected, exciting experiences to report have been few thus far, but worker bees would envy our ability to keep a relaxing, flexible pace and limit ourselves to activities the will hopefully keep us healthy. We'll post every so often so that you know we are still here. We plan to head further south tomorrow with an eye on the hurricane that keeps changing course. If high winds and strong rain appear, we'll stop again to wait it out. Florida will still be there no matter when we arrive.

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