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The lowlights of the day:

• Left the campground half an hour earlier than yesterday, but that time was wasted and then some waiting to drive through Nashville. The construction that has bogged us down on earlier trips is finished, but a serious collision between a truck and the car that cut it off shut down the expressway for about 45 minutes.

• The drive through the Chattanooga area is pretty, but slow. Big trucks crawl up and down the mountainsides and even cars cannot take those curves too quickly. There were more vehicles on the road that it was designed to carry. Slow, slow, slow.

• The trip through Atlanta was predictably slow, but things kept moving. Most of the license plates were from Georgia; few appeared to be snowbirds like us. We have done this drive enough times that we can get into the right lane at the right time as one expressway after another enters and leaves I-75. After we passed that final beltway, we thought the worst was over, but another accident had us crawling for about forty miles. And then it started to rain.

After ten hours of driving we are camped at our favorite stop south of Atlanta - a meat market/parking lot campground. They charge $30 to camp, but give you a $10 coupon to spend in their store. It wasn't hard to find some tasty items that we'll be feasting on the next few days. Tomorrow's drive should be much easier. We've left all the big metropolitan areas behind us.

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