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Ready to Board Amtrak

Having spent one night on the train, we have learned a few things. High on the list is that space is extremely limited. Next trip we’ll put whatever we will need for the duration of the train ride in a carry-on bag and check the rest. Juggling two rolling suitcases, two carry-on bags, and one purse does not make for ease in getting ready for bed or dressed in the morning!

Especially after the steward puts down the beds, which limits the space even more. I don’t think I would want to sleep in one of these beds on a regular basis, but it wasn’t bad and Barbara, at least, liked being rocked to sleep as the train swayed back and forth.

And we didn’t need to worry about getting enough exercise: our room is at one end of the train and the dining car is at the other end. The path between is about 18” wide and sways all the time. And Barbara ended up sleeping in the top bunk which involved climbing up a ladder and then hooking up some straps to be sure she didn’t roll out on the floor!

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