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Pier at V & A Waterfront

Group music - beautiful

Day 2. Thursday 15/8/19. Perth to Johannesburg to Cape Town

Yesterday was a long day. We flew out of Perth at 5 past 12am (2.05am Bne time). This is a long flight, and we both had a couple of 4 hour sleeps, so that’s not too bad. Just after take-off, we went through rough weather and the plane was rattling, going up and down and sideways, the captain announced no hot drinks to be served.

It’s morning now and people are waking up and breakfast should be with us soon.

Johannesburg is the quickest airport we’ve ever passed through. Picked up our bags, through Immigration where the Officer literally threw my Passport back to me and then through the Green Gate - Nothing to Declare, past 2 officials standing to one side, and out. Checked in for our Cape Town flight which was delayed 30+ minutes because 2 passengers handn’t turned up and their luggage had to be removed. Glad about that! Talk about Australia as ‘the wide brown land’ - well, hardly anything but brown land between J’burg and Cape Town. The most magnificent brown, treeless small mountains/hills as we approached C.T. but only flat, brown land the rest of the way. Met our APT Pick Up with another 3 couples from Australia, and drove to hotel, past Table Mountain and our first ‘shock’ experience of shanty towns. No doubt we’ll find out more in the coming days, but most of the huts had TV dishes. Beautiful entry and drive up to hotel where we were met by a black man wearing a bowler hat, and welcoming us to the hotel and South Africa. Our rooms weren’t ready, so we took the shuttle bus to the V&A Waterfront with another couple. We had 3 hours there before our return bus, so parted ways with our new friends and wandered around some shops - very much like Australia, then down to the pier area which was lovely, looked at a few souvenir shops, a small Nelson Mandela display, listened to a group playing African music - beautiful- then decided jet lag had well and truly caught up and we wanted to go home. Our backs were sore, our feet were sore, so we found some chairs in a hotel walkway and sat down, fighting hard not to fall asleep. Decided to stretch our legs when we bumped into our friends, so sat down again and chatted. Bus came and very chatty driver, but we had difficulty understanding him. Fortunately Glenda, our new friend, knew what he was talking about! Back at the hotel we showered and I did some washing, then time for dinner which was lovely, but we were wilting quickly. Up to bed and blessed sleep.

We notice that most black people wear all black, pants and tops. Lots of ‘private’ police. All very friendly.

I don’t know how to make the map line to Cape Town, but that will be in tomorrow’s map.

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