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not in Business Class

our chariots

gourmet buffet

plugged in and happy

custom made eggs benedict

The limo driver arrived at our home early; always a relief to see his smiling face in our driveway. On a beautiful Saturday morning we made record time to O'Hare and were able to spend quality time in the first class lounge enjoying a great breakfast and fast wi fi.

It was surprising to see a large Russian sounding family in Business Class on the plane with us. They had small children who made the most of the additional space and boogied up and down the aisle every so often. But there was no screaming and crying and the time passed quickly with attentive flight attendants plying us with drinks and hot nuts. We flew to Miami and circled the area for 40 minutes waiting for the thunderstorms to move out of the area. That's typical Florida weather in the afternoon year round. But we still had time to have another great experience in the first class lounge there and compare amenities. In light of the avocado shortage, we really appreciated the lady who made custom guac to order. The garlic fumes are still resonating out of my mouth.

In Quito the immigration line was short and our bags arrived quickly. Outside the baggage hall a man with a sign was waiting for us. It was about a 45 minute drive to our hotel. The roads were good and late on a Saturday night there was little traffic. Everything went so smoothly! We checked into a room with plenty of counter space and electric outlets; my two main requirements. It's midnight and so, to bed.

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