2019 Family Meetup travel blog

Winnie at Big Spring Farm

Rainy first day

Ryleigh running in the house

Ozzie too

One of the few times Ozzie was sitting still

More rhododendrons in bloom

Closeup of flowers

Colorful rhodos

Peek-a-boo with Ozzie

Ryleigh is playing too

View of the shanty from the patio

Ruby throated hummingbird

Shane and Ryleigh fishing

Finn's here

The raft is ready

Ozzie is ready

Jared and Ozzie out for the first sail

Leo like the water too

Kyle and the boys doing some fishing

Ryleigh likes to fish too

Finn and Ramona

I wonder what's down there?

He's so cute

Annie grooming the hillside

The prop for our family picture

2019 Family Portrait

Sunset from the hilltop overlooking the farm

Big Spring Farm barns at dusk

Pond watching

Milky Way at Big Spring Farm

We wrapped up the family weekend at Big Spring Farm on Sunday and it's taking me a week to catch up with my journal because of computer and internet problems. It always good to get together with the kids (adults and grandkids) for a few days at the farm. Annie and Ozzie arrived on Thursday along with Jared, Shane, Jess, and Ryleigh. Kyle and Finn had to wait until Friday afternoon because Finn had an interview at the school where he will be attending Kindergarten in the fall. He was excited to be going to a new school. Once everyone arrived Friday afternoon the "fun" began.

The adults split time between relaxing and doing some of the chores that needed to be done around the farm like weed whacking, grass cutting, replacing a window in the shanty house, repairing the bridges, etc. I spent much of Friday afternoon blowing up a giant raft (10ftx10ft) to use in the pond. I thought it would be easy with the compressor from Winnie, but for some reason I could only get air pressure for about 5 seconds before the pressure had to rebuild on the compressor even though it has an air tank. With the help of Jess and Annie, we were able to get it inflated and into the pond. Jared was the first to try it out with Ozzie. I got my shot the next day and boy was the water cold. I was coaxed to go out with the 3 kids by myself. I'll never do that again. It was a struggle to maneuver the square inflatable around the pond with one paddle and keep an eye on the kids. We were mostly at the mercy of the breeze and water jets bringing spring water into the pond. I was exhausted by the time we were able to make it bak to the dock again.

There's always alot of photo ops with the kids, blooming rhododendrons, and dark night skies. I was fortunate that we were there for a new moon and was able to get a nice panorama of the Milky Way. Shane, Jess, Ryleigh, and Jared headed home on Sunday. Shane and Jared are probably glad to get back to work after spending a lot of the weekend working with Kyle replacing a door with a window in the shanty. We stayed over until Monday before heading to Hickory Hollow campground for a short stay.

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