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Saturday May 18

Gen spent most of the day trying to sort the engine out. News is not good at the moment.

We’re nicely dug in which is great (we let out more chain in the morning as we were experiencing gusts from the west.

Sunday May 19

With the winds to increase and no luck on getting the engine going we up’d anchor and sailed to an anchorage near the entrance to Olbia. We might need to get some engine specialists on board to assess the problem and if the worst came to worst we’d need a two to the yard.

Monday May 20

Let out more chain as the winds were pretty strong but having anchored in mud we had great holding.

Gen proceeded to fixed the engine and after a couple of hours he managed to fix the problem and we have engine again YIPPEEEE!!

It was getting a bit problematic as with no working generator or engine we couldn’t top up the batteries – not much sun today so the solar panel just trickled energy to the batteries, and we haven’t put the wind generator back as it would need to come off anyway for the French canals. So now we have hot water again – YIPEEE!! and can use our laptops without draining valuable battery. And best news of all is that we can continue on our travels – YIPPEEE!!

Tuesday 21 – Thursday 23 May

As we have engine now and Olbia was just a few short miles away we went alongside the quayside (free) and wandered around the town, had a lovely lunch and completed some vital provisioning.

Next day we left mid afternoon and anchored in one of the lovely bays on the Costa Smeralda, this time there were quite a few boats at anchor, 10 in total. We no longer feel as if we are the only ones of the water.

Thursday we continued further north debating whether to go into the Maddelana islands nature reserve and decided against it, as looking through the bins the main town didn’t look like anything special.

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