Double Cruise Journey via the Suez Canal travel blog

Knowing when, where, and how you obtain your visa’s is new territory for me.

Spain, Italy, Greece, Malaysia, and Singapore accept US passports without a visa. We will receive a complimentary multiple stamp visa for Dubai at the ship terminal upon boarding.

India requires a visa NOT included in the price of a shore trip nor does a ship booking give you a temporary one. When departing the ship into India your government issued visa must be in your hand. You can go through a Visa processing company which charges an average of $119 per person processing fee with an overnight fee of $49. No choice in the shipping. So $287 without the fee India charges. I went to India Visa central and managed in just three days to up load pictures, fill in forms with port entry, family origin overview, and only communicate with the help desk four times. In the end I was able to print them ready for entry. I will frame a copy when we get home. Completing this task was like winning a battle with Direct TV.

Egypt allows US & Canadian citizens to get a “quick trip” visa stamp upon arrival. This is for the passage thru the Suez Canal. Even though, I am assuming, we will never set foot on Egyptian soil.

The ship staff will secure a visa for those passengers entering Jordan on shore trips. We refer to this as a “round about”. You stand around about the dining room waiting in line for a passport stamp from representatives of the country we are about to enter.

Oman requires almost every one to have a Visa. The boarding paperwork tells us the ship staff will assist guests with this visa and then charges your ship account $15 per person. Likely another round about.

This portion of cruise planning is the Visa Victory of Variety and Volume of Variation during Vacation. A Virtuoso of Visas. I know I‘ve gone too far.

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