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Mississippi River bridge

Mississippi River 11:45 am

We left the house at 4:30am, a full car and ready to travel. We had a light rain falling and that lasted until we got just south of Chicago. By the time we got to southern Illinois we had a nice bright sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s. I would have taken a picture of the scenery but if you have ever traveled through Illinois, you know that it is just very flat empty farmland. Boring...

We crossed the Mississippi at 11:45 am. We got there a little earlier than I expected, but that was because I let Linda drive for a while. 𯘊

We don’t stop much and we ended up driving until 5:30pm. That made 780 miles and we are in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. We are about 80 miles east of Texarkana.

We are tired, and after a gourmet dinner of McDonalds we are ready for bed. Tomorrow we have another full day of driving through Texas.

Good night to all.

Paul and Linda

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