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Almost to the cemetery

This lovely gravesite was one of the first we saw.

One view of the cemetery

Oscar Wilde


Beautiful crypt

Light My Fire

Look what I found!

After a leisurely morning at the apartment we left around 11:00am to head for Pere Lachaise Cemetery to look for the graves of famous people. With our trusty maps in hand we found only a few...Since I was last there in July 2011 Oscar Wilde has been encased in glass. In 2011 the crypt was covered with lipstick marks all over it. It was unseemly. We looked for Sarah Bernhardt and a number of artists and never found them. We finished the walk following a guy who had a YouTube video of how to find Jim Morrison’s grave. I took the obligatory picture. Then we headed out of the cemetery and found a nice spot for lunch. Our server was Lousia who speaks English with virtually no accent because her parents worked and lived in San Francisco and she had a chance to live in the States for awhile. She has dreams of coming to the U.S. to model and then to finish her education. She was enchanting to talk with. Tomorrow we will take the train and spend the day in Giverny.

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