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Sale map for Tennessee

Low clouds at our hotel

Traffic on Signal Mountain

First sale of the sale!

Snuggling under umbrella

We brought all shorts!

Who ordered this rain!

At least we brought our boots!

Who is this for?






Find of the Day - Culver glasses set of 6

Staghorn pipe salt and pepper

U scream, I scream . . .

Fresh off the pig - pork rinds

Ice cream shop

MeMaw's for dinner

I love TUBBERWARE parties

Is that Conway's wife?

Exotic animals

Not so smart after all


What a view!

What a barn!

Old School house

Old School house auditorium

Subliminal political statement

A real log cabin



LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! Or, should I say the shopping. Well, we got up at 6 am, ate breakfast at the hotel, filled up with gas and headed for Signal Mountain Road just north of Chattanooga. We figured we would be sitting in front of the first sale waiting for it to open. Years of dreaming and months of planning and finally the day is here. But just like the immortal words of Robert Burns, “The best laid plans . . . “ The early morning fell apart in short order – 1) Signal Mountain Road was down to one lane of traffic, so we had to sit for about 15 minutes. Then, 2) something started beeping and flashing on our dashboard (our van doesn’t even have 15,000 miles but it is sending a distress signal). Tire pressure low. We roll into the first parking lot we see and Gene gets out to check the tires – he doesn’t see anything wrong. We are trying to figure out what to do, when I look up and there is a tire shop directly across the street from us. We pull over and ask if they would be so kind as to check our tires and fill to the appropriate pressure. The young lady is happy to oblige, but since she does not know the urgency of my “shopping itch, “ she does it slowly and methodically. Then, finally we are on the way to the first sale (later than opening time) and 3) the sky opens up with steady, pouring rain. Yes, I had tears in my eyes. I just couldn’t hold them back. But Gene, pushes forward with positivity. We put on our rubber boots, hats, and grab our umbrella. We are going to SHOP!!!

After all was said and done, we only made it about ½ way across Tennessee – from Chattanooga to Big Lick. We filled 4 – 35 gallon tubs with items. Our best item was a set of 6 Culver cocktail glasses in the Valencia pattern with the emerald colored diamond shapes inside 24K gold detailing acquired for $10 (we will sell these for $60). Our funniest item were the staghorn pipe salt and pepper shakers – now who wants their salt and pepper shakers to look like smoking paraphernalia! Other items we picked up included: Arch Rival Game, Risk 1959, Pictionary, the gold dice Yahtzee, the Tennessee trivia game, Fisher price clock, Fisher Price radio, Ertl True Value Truck Coin Bank, Grab it (FIRST FIND OF THE DAY), quiche pan, Corning Ware casserole, Pyrex Flameware teapot, a tambourine (for our Emery), Scooby Doo cake pan, Big Bird Cake Pan, Santa Claus cake pan, Arkansas jigger glass, Staffordshire Mother plate, Morton Salt coffee cups/sugar bowl/creamer, Coca-Cola puzzle, President Books (10 Volumes), Life Game, Dr. Suess card games, 12 vintage Cookbooks, Kool Ashtray with Penguins, Batman mugs – 2, Muppet glass – Happiness Hotel, 4 lids for Pyrex casseroles, Corning Ware Handle, sunflower lid for Pyrex, Glitter plaques – two plastic popcorn wreaths, 6 Anchor Hocking Tartan glasses, Maine souvenir tray, vintage books pre-1950, and much much much more. One church gave us 25 vintage books for FREE, because we helped a parishioner carry in his donated items.

Now everybody knows our junk jaunts are about junk AND food. Our food for the day included: hotel breakfast; hot dogs; homemade peanut butter cookies; homemade Rocky Road ice cream cones; pork rinds; chocolate chip cookies; and then, we were starved for dinner. So, we went to MeMaw’s in Big Lick. She opens part of her home once a year for the 127 sale and she puts out lunch and dinner that is to die for. One gentleman drove 5 hours to eat there. Another two ladies said they have been coming every year for the last ten years. Everything is homemade and her family cooks it all. We had meatloaf, fried green tomatoes, fresh corn, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, jalapeno cornbread, and fried apple pie! YUMMY! Some of their other specialties include ribs, breaded pork, pinto beans, and homemade banana pudding. They also run an antique sale outside.

One of my friends like me to take funny pictures. Well, here they are:

Have you ever been to a “tubberware” party?

Did you love watching “Twitty Bird” on the Looney Tunes?

Then, there is the person driving the Smart Car to the sale and pulling a trailer!!! Guess it isn't too "smart" if you half cooler doesn't fit in it - you could dehydrate!

Or, check out the Exotic Animal sign. (BTW – we saw a Chupacabra running out of an old cemetery, but Gene couldn’t get the camera out fast enough and I dropped my phone when I screamed CHUPACABRA! – You will have to take our word for it!)

Tennessee was beautiful, even in the rain. We drove up to one farm sale where they had peacocks and the view down to the valley from the back of their home was INCREDIBLE. I have to admit that I have had trouble understanding people all day. Someone asked Gene if we had a lot of “far” out in Colorado and Gene had him repeat it twice before we figured out he was talking about the wildfires. One sale was in an old school and the classrooms & auditorium were SO cool. We saw log cabins and donkeys. Frustrating parts of the sale were: the rain, the political everywhere – hundreds of them (there was an election today, but you couldn’t see the sale signs for all this clutter), and people selling guns at yard sales – I really struggle with this. There are tons of vendors which have flooded here to sell their vintage and collectible items at roadside flea markets (we had to put on our rubber boots today to walk through the muddy fields). It makes this sale a little different from the Nebraska Junk Jaunt – this sale has more flea markets, Nebraska has more sales at residences/homes like regular garage sales, and church and community center sales. Also, many of these flea market vendors are selling their items at retail prices – they have to cover the cost of renting their space, their travel, and their livelihood. If you are looking for a decorator item or something for your personal collection, this is great because you will probably find it here. But, we are looking for items to re-sell, so we like the prices that garage sales and yard sales usually have – which is usually about 30% of retail.

Tomorrow, we are praying for a little sunshine, even though it was nice not sweating like crazy today. Look out Kentucky – here we come!!!

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