2018 Around the Shoreline of the Great Lakes travel blog

Winnie at Big Spring Farm

Time to pump up the water park

Ozzie and the dragon

Blowing up the final part of the water park

Finn's ready to go

The inflatable water park

Ozzie checking out the shower

Ryleigh arrived this evening

Rhododendron flowers are ready to burst.

Some have bloomed already

We made the short drive to the farm this morning and met Cindy there. I went to get Winnie plugged in to the electric and found out my extra electrical cable was missing. I can't remember the last time I used it, but where ever it was it must be still there. While Sue and Cindy went the grocery store, I went out looking for a 25 ft. 30 amp electrical cord. There's a campground just down the road which was my first stop, but all they had were 10 ft. cords. They recommended a camp store back near the campground we left this morning. Fortunately they had a 25 ft. cord. I headed back to the farm to plug in Winnie and to my surprise I was about 18in short for the place i wanted to plug in. Luckily there was another place to plug in that the cords would reach, but it was inside the house and I had to run the cord through the window. With power we were in good shape. One more problem before settling in though.

While leveling Winnie I put blocks under the jacks on one side since it was a lot lower. As I extended the jacks there was a loud nose and Winnie leaned to left. I went out to look underneath and could see that the front jack slipped off the blocks and fell to the ground. The end of the hydraulic cylinder was stuck into the asphalt. Looks like I've got some work to do, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow when i have help. Winnie's not quite level so we'll have to strap into bed tonight, lol.

Annie, Finn and Ozzie arrived late afternoon. Annie brought an inflatable "water park" for the kids. She had a hand pump to inflate it and we got a work our pumping up the water park. Finn and Ozzie tried it out and had a good time. Shane, Jess, and Ryleigh made it to the farm early this evening. Kyle is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Jared won't be with us this year as he's leaving for Europe on Friday on a trip sponsored by Del Tech. He'll be touring through Eastern Europe, Italy, and Switzerland for a couple of weeks. We'll miss him.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Winnie.

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