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First stop on the way to OR, Santa Rosa NM, beautiful natural...

Beautiful deep blue water pool, the floating balls are divers

50 Shades of Brown-NewMexico

Found a little bit of history in Santa Rosa NM

Left Farmington NM this morning headed for the 4 Corners where all...

It really was spectacular scenery!

Where Colorado meets Utah meets New Mexico meets Arizona!!!!!!

Everyone needs to take a picture like this!! No one thought of...

And this!!

Now we are in Utah, and the scenery is amazing!!

We aren't in Oregon yet!!! But we are still on our way! The start of the bicycle trip feels like another life, another dream at the moment, we needed to take a small detour for a very special reason. Wednesday morning as we were packed and ready to walk out the door to pick up our one way rental car and we got word that a very dear friend had been moved to hospice. Those of you who know us, know we have been in the Fredericksburg RV Park for 3 years and worked closely with our managers and friends Carolyn and Charlie. Charlie has been fighting a battle for the last few months, so we simply turned the car south and headed to Texas for one last goodbye. It was worth every mile. Charlie, please keep an eye on us from up there will you?? You can tell its me, i have your name on my reflector!!

When we finally did head North, we found ourselves on the same corridor of highways for the 3rd time in a week! Just for a bit of diversity we took a side trip thru Brady, TX so we could fill up on good ol' Texas BBQ, it will be our last for awhile. Brady is our favorite BBQ spot and it did not disappoint. Stopped for a good nights sleep in Big Spring TX, then a full day of driving thru New Mexico the next day. Since Mike does most of the driving, I spend a lot of time with my camera and photos. Some of the scenery is outstanding. The drive from Albuquerque NM to Farmington NM was the most amazing landscape. 1000 shades of brown! Really, very hard to describe, sometimes it felt as if we drove onto a Star Wars scene. Very hard, dry, flat in many places then crossing the Continental divide at 7,000 ft, it seemed like the longest leg of the journey!! But I didn't take any pictures of it! Sorry!

From Farmington we started to stop and do a few of the things tourists do. By now, we can barely walk or move so stiff from sitting in the car for hours and hours and hours!!!! But we stopped at the 4 Corners where as everyone knows the four states meeet! Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah! It was $5 to get in, I don't mind supporting a good cause, the upkeep and all, but c'mon! Can't you at least look at me when i hand you the money! The last time i was there in about 1990 I flew in from NZ with my 3 small children! We flew for 12 hours and in those days there was a stopover in Honolulu for about 3 or 4 hours in the middle of the night! We were driving from Las Vegas and we had stopped on the road side and slept a few hours in the middle of the night! I wanted to see the 4 Corners so we slept close by hoping to go in the morning! But it was only about 6:30 in the morning, couldn't sleep in the car any more and i refused to wait for the sun to come up so they could let us in! Seeing today how isolated it still is out there made me laugh a little and cringe a little! We were out in the middle of nowhere!! Thanks for that little walk down memory lane! What i would really like to do now is find the photo of the first time i was sitting on those 4 corners in much the same pose!

It's been a good ride from Farmington, once we drove into Utah, the scenery changed dramatically and the phone/camera was working overtime! Such endless panoramic views as we came around curves or ove the tops or a rise and the view swept us away! Beautiful. Stopped in Moab for lunch. Another fun place. Have been making notes of all the places we want to come back to and the especially nice RV Parks!

Driving thru the mountains of Utah and watching Park City, Sundance, Deer Valley rise above us, it reminds me how much i need to spend a winter skiing!!!

Just a little fun note today we drove through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming and if you count the 4 Corners also stood in Colorado! That is 5 states in one day!!

Thanks for checking in! I know its not what you signed up for, haven't been on our bikes yet! Quite the opposite all the sitting and eating we have done for the past 10 days will certainly add to the challenges in the very beginning!! But thought you might enjoy some photos from the journey so far, after all it is all part of the adventure!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! Love you all!!

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