BILL & KATHIE'S 2018 RV ADVENTURES travel blog

We spent the day at Carlsbad Caverns. With our lifetime national parks seniors passes, we got in for free. The elevators were still broken, so we descended 75 stories by foot to the bottom of the caverns. I took lots of photos along the way, but I haven’t had time to upload them and see how they turned out. It took us 2 hours to get to the bottom and into the Big Room. It was as gorgeous as I’d remembered! There was a tiny cafeteria down there, too, and we were able to grab the last of the day’s available sandwiches and water. The cave is a constant 55 or so degrees, which felt wonderful after all that walking. The pathway down and up is a solid surface with only occasional steps. The decent was very steep in places, and our calf muscles quickly felt the strain of having to hold ourselves back as we walked. The really hard part came when we had to climb back up the same pathway 75 stories to get out. We had hoped that the elevator would miraculously start working and be able to hoist us back up, but no such luck. We kept hydrated took it a few stories at a time. There were places to sit and rest (and gasp, and try to calm our fearcely-pounding hearts). We 4 seniors are proud to say that we made it back out of the cave in 1.5 hours! We stopped in town afterwards and bought vanilla ice cream and diet root beer, and when we got back to the campground we celebrated by having root beer floats in the middle of the afternoon! We fed and walked Mo, showered, and then went back into town for dinner. This was our last day together. Mike and Kathy will head for Home tomorrow. Bill’s sinuses have been acting up for a couple of days, and they went completely nuts today. He felt relief while we were in the cave, but when we got back out, they went into overdrive. Carlsbad is dry, dusty, and very windy all the time. He just now took some Benadryl (he’s also regularly flushing his sinuses), and he went to bed. If he doesn’t feel better in the morning, we may have to stay here another day. Mo wouldn’t mind, since the campground has a very nice fenced in area for him, and the bonus of bunnies for him to chase. I’m hoping he’s better, because there is some light snow coming into Denver on Friday, and I’d love to be home before it hits. Stay tuned...

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