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The RV park in Hermiston was really quiet, and we all slept like logs. Macguiver (Spike) figured out a way to get the GPS to work, as the connector that you plug into the cigarette lighter is what broke yesterday. So he plugged it into a receptacle and we used the invertor to power it up while we were underway and it worked! Yeah! The GPS lady is back on line! To some this might not seem important, but Spike has entered our whole trip into it, every turn, and it is an RV GPS so it tells you what lane to be in and everything that might be pertinent to traveling in a tall wide vehicle. And without the RV GPS, then Spike would have to depend on me to navigate for him. That would not be a good match..As I am directionally challenged. He calls me the navi-guessor!

Anyway it was chilly this morning, only 37 degrees, so quite refreshing outside on Miss Zoey's morning walk. She is feeling much better, and even wanted to play ball today. (And no late night trips outside last night, yeah!) The weather today was sunny and bright, and its day two and we still have a clean RV. Wow!

We traveled through the blue mountains today where you go from high desert terrain, and then bam it turns into evergreen trees. It was a nice day to travel, not to much traffic on this 4 lane route, mostly truckers. I have some photos but the internet is so slow here,(both the RV park and our Verizon) it just won't upload. So maybe tomorrow will be better.

We followed the snake river this afternoon, into Idaho. The first Idaho rest area has a visitor center and the area was very pretty. We stopped there for lunch and a walk for Miss Zoey. We arrived at Mountain home RV park a bit after 1500 but we have changed time zones so that is 1600 local time. The satellite dish would not lock in due to some trees blocking its access, so we watched TV over the antenna. I'm wondering if Punjab at dish network is missing my phone call tonight?

Tomorrow we will be heading into Nevada, and will end up in Ely, for the night. Thank you for your prayers for us!

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