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My Wells, Nevada stopover

Nevada countryside

Bonneville Salt Flats with great mountain back-drops

I remember this from 2013. It is fenced. Does anyone know what...


Not the Great, but a great little salt lake

This IS the Great Salt Lake

For my 3 kids: you plus Jana and Darla were on this...


We slowed to about 30 mph but it wasn't due to those...

Off I-80 and heading to Manila

they say I have to add a caption. I don't need to.

Great scenes

And a good assortment



Ha! A blah spot in Utah!! (taken on I-80)

See you when I see you! You're always welcome at my campfire.

Another good day of driving. The park was not very nice in Wells, but it was one of two one-night stands I have on this trip, so cheap was the priority.

Almost as soon as you reach the Utah state line, the ground turns white. The Bonneville Salt Flats seemed to be shallow lakes there was so much water. The white, though, stretched for miles. I drove this highway en route to Adventureland in 2013 and it was snowing and almost blizzard conditions. When I got to my destination that day in Evanston, WY, my electrical management system gave out and my furnace wouldn't light. I spent the next two nights in a motel as I-80 was also closed due to the snow! This year I drove right past Evanston and kept on going to nearly Green River before I turned south. If you haven't taken that drive from I-80 to my little destination of Manila, Utah, you should put it on your must-see list. I enjoyed a beautiful, sunny 70 degree day. Boots didn't utter a word.

As good as it was, Utah was really starting to tick me off. I had seen Canyonlands, Bryce, Zion, Arches and now it seemed everywhere I looked there were unusual formations, unusual soil, and boring, monotonous beauty everywhere. Other than the giant redwoods, Yosemite and the Golden Gate Bridge, what doesn't Utah have? Selfish of them, I think, to hoard so much.

My Need Fuel buzzer and light came on a mile out of Manila. Tiny little town of 300 that grows to 1800+/- in the summer. Many summer homes, many lakes and streams and angler destinations. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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