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Sunrise at the top Laramie Pass

reminded me of Daddy

Date: October 7, 2017

Tonight’s Location: Oakley, KS

Campground: High Country Camping

Mileage: End - 20016

Start - 19608

Total Miles for the day: 408

Weather: very windy, sunny

Temperature: start 41º

High 83º

Wildlife count: Pronghorn

Year List: 341

Birds: Ring-necked Pheasant, Blue Jay

We were up and gone by 6:45 this morning – had light earlier today! The cold didn’t feel nearly as cold as in Jackson, and we are warming all the way home. At 83°, we are almost warmer that most any day in Jackson.

Going over the pass at Laramie, we reached 8690’, the highest place on the interstate highway system, and the sun came up just as we topped the pass – lovely. However, the wind was blowing – with projected gusts to be between 40 and 60 mph by the end of the day – weekend. Our plan had been to cut south and travel through Greeley, but the wind was so intense, directly out of the west, that we stayed on I-80 till Kimball, NE before we turned south, to avoid a cross wind. Most of the state/federal routes were excellent, and the wind seemed to decrease the farther east we went. So, we went through a LOT Of little towns and wound our way down to I-70 just before we hit the Kansas state line. It is a longer day than we like to travel, but with the forecast for lots of snow and increased winds, we kept driving. This is where we had planned to stay, just not the roads we planned to use to get here. The campground is very nice, and we have WATER! Whoopee – it is warm enough here that the water has not yet been turned off.

This campground is quite old, with two restaurants on the property. We were given a $5 off coupon for the seafood place, so we tried it – John had shrimp and I had calamari – both were quite good. However, there was almost no one there and it is Saturday night. In the campground there are only 5-6 campers – it is nice but needs more care. Heading to bed early, as we would like to get close to home tomorrow night.

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