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Views from a boat on the Mekong River


Construction of the new railway from China




Entrance to caves

Visit to village from boat

Village Wat

Village school


Back to the boat

We spent the first part of the day on a boat trip on the Mekong River. The scenery was magnificent and we enjoyed all the activities been carried out on and near the river. We visited a cultural village where we were invited to buy things that were made there - we did see one loom! We then had lunch in a restaurant overlooking the river. The first interesting thing that happened was that the sun umbrella over our table came off its stand. It had a metal support which was bent and eventually it was taken away. It missed us and brushed the people at the next table. After that a branch fell off the coconut palm tree. We moved tables before a coconut followed it.

The lunch was very good - two delicious soups.

We spent the afternoon walking around Luang Prabang and enjoying seeing Wats that we had visited in 2015. Some are big and grand and others small and quiet.

In the evening we had a splendid dinner at the hotel with some our friends.

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