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campground view

Yesterday the technician said that the installation of the Air Force One braking system would take about three hours. Five hours later we were ready to leave. The fact that he stopped what he was doing for almost an hour to sell someone a trailer, was a factor, but I need to remind myself next time we get an installation or repair that this ALWAYS happens. I don't know why I never wait more than ten minutes for my doctor, but these mechanical types apparently have no sense of time. Rather than allowing myself to become apoplectic, I need to just add two hours to the estimate and plan accordingly.

This meant that we barely made it across the border into Tennessee and spent most of today crossing the state to come to Asheville, a town that is always near the top of the lists of the best places to retire. We drove parallel to Smokey Mountain National Park and as we climbed about 2,000 feet in elevation the fall colors we've come here to see provided beautiful views as we wound through the mountains on I-40. The poor driver couldn't enjoy them much; traffic was heavy almost the entire way across the state.

The campground is nearly full tonight and will be totally booked for the weekend. We see rigs from many states; this area is clearly on the bucket list for lots of tourists. The weather forecast is wonderful - lots of sunshine and temperatures warmer than usual. Anything that takes us outside should be great!

For about ten minutes we enjoyed watching political commercials that were new to us on TV. Coming from a solid blue state, we have never seen a Hillary ad; it was nice to see she had some. And then it all grew tiresome once again. The names and faces of the local candidates were different, but the accusations about lies and malfeasance were all too familiar. We have to figure out a better ways to choose the people who will represent and make decisions for us.

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