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We left Manhattan very early on a shared shuttle so that the heavy traffic on the way to Kennedy would not cause us stress. The professional driver handled it all with skill and aplomb, squeezing himself into tiny spaces in Manhattan to take advantage of every opportunity to move forward. On the expressway when he saw jam ups ahead, he would get off and drive side streets and get back on at the next exit. We were impressed.

Kennedy has eight or nine separate terminals and we shared ours with other low incidence airlines. Since we traveled Comfort Economy, we got to stand in a short line, not that the regular one was all that long. TSA also moved quickly. It makes such a difference if your fellow travelers know what is expected and spend the time standing in line getting themselves organized. The meant we had plenty of time to wait in the British Airways first class lounge and snack and take advantage of their good wifi. The BA lounge accommodated all the partner airlines. A large group of Japanese were slurping on large bowls of soba noodles until their flight to Tokyo was called.

On IcelandAir comfort economy meant that we had more leg room and the seat between us was left free. We were amazed that there was no meal service on this 5 - 1/2 hour flight. Should have had more snacks in the BA lounge. Our ham and cheese sandwich was free, while those behind us had to pay for theirs. Big deal! I watched Icelandic films and documentaries as we flew, getting myself in the proper mindset for what lay ahead.

The Reykjavik airport is forty miles out of town and we landed at midnight local time. At that hour we weren't sure about the public transportation, so we booked a driver who was waiting for us as we left customs. Seeing a guy with your name on a sign, makes the heart go pitty pat on a late arrival in a new city. All the drivers carried iPads, making it easy to change the name of their next client. Very efficient, these Scandinavians. He drove like a bat out of hell on empty highway, quite a contrast to what we had left this morning. As soon as we check into our spacious hotel room, we fell into bed. A full day of touring lies ahead.

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