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Elephant Butte..can you find the elephant? His trunk is on the left

Some of my WIN buddies

The collection of restaurant staues


Meet my new boyfriend

This is the Wizard of Oz"s tinman's brother

The lady is Carolyn, our resident Easter Bunny

A toast for Easter

The discover of Pluto



Arrived at Caballo State Park and took a trip to Truth or Consequences the next day to find out the real truth about how the name came to be...... In March 1950, Ralph Edwards, the host of the radio quiz show Truth or Consequences, announced that he would air the program on its 10th anniversary from the first town that renamed itself after the show; Hot Springs won the honor, officially changing its name on March 31, 1950 (the program originated there the following evening, April 1st). Edwards visited the town during the first weekend of May for the next 50 years.

Our Next stop was Caballo Reservoir, to Elephant Butte. And we could really see the elephant!!

The next day we went to Hatch, New Mexico, which is where Hatch chiles come from (if you are a chili connoisseur) I didn't know that hotness in the taste is not from the seeds, but from the pith or ribs in the meat. check out if you are interested.

While in Hatch we ran into a restaurant on the corner that had the best and probably only collection of giant restaurant statues and odds and ends, in the west,or maybe the US. Check out the pictures.

Easter Sunday came, and the Easter bunny had hidden Easter eggs and we had to hunt for them. Carolyn (one of my WIN compadres) was the furry little creature that had done this, and had also brought a ham for Easter dinner. I made scalloped potatoes, and some of the other WINS brought dishes, and we had a wonderful Easter dinner.

The weather started getting windy the next day, so we headed for Las Cruces which is about and hour south and spent three days there. While we were there we visited the Las Cruces Museum of Nature and Science. The reason I have brought this up is that it highlights a gentleman named Clyde Tombaugh. For starters he discovered Pluto. The thing I just loved was that when he retired, he continued to visit schools and teach kid about the heavens...take a look at what he invented to get the telescope to the schools.

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