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Carpes back "home" at RoVer's Roost

Carpes depart Quartzsite boondock site
photo by D. Davila

Brrrr! It was 26°F on 03 February

Carpe Diem freshly detailed

Mon, 25 Jan: Back "home" for a bit...

Today we reluctantly left Quartzsite and returned to our "home park" in Casa Grande. We had been boondocking north of Quartzsite for ten days and still had sufficient water and headroom in our waste tanks to last several more days. We were also enjoying the gorgeous days and nites in the desert, so why leave?

Well, we have some "gotta-do's" on our schedule in the form of some medical tests at the Mayo Clinic. Nothing serious, mostly some routine procedures to ensure we'll continue to be around for more "routine procedures".

Thus, we got the coach ready for the road, connected the car, and bade farewell to our good "Boondock Buddies" Carmen & Domingo Davila. Bob eased out of our desert site onto Plomosa Road and then south on Arizona 95 to Quartzsite and Interstate 10. East on the Interstate to Buckeye where we picked up the Phoenix Bypass (AZ 85) to Gila Bend where we broke for lunch.

After feeding our faces we headed east on I 8 to Casa Grande. A stop at the Express Stop where Carpe accepted 52 gallons of diesel at the best price we've paid for quite a while ($1.819/gallon after our 8¢/gallon exempt fuel tax refund). Then a quick seven miles to our leased lot at RoVer's Roost.

Today's run wask an uneventful (our favorite kind) 200 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8⅓ mpg.

We are still uncertain as to our near term plans. We are booked on a cruise departing Fort Lauderdale Florida in early March, so we'll be heading that way sometime next month. As to when we'll head out we'll have to await getting released from the Medicos after the procedures have been reviewed.

Tue, 02 Feb: Getting ready to "bug"

OK, we've been busy little campers. Last week was mostly consumed with medical tests, preparing for medical tests, and discussing the results of medical tests. Long story short, we now have the green lite to head for Florida.

So, our planned date of departure is next Wednesday, 10 February. Tween now and then we still have some loose ends to wrap up, and a busy social calendar to deal with. But, it all looks "go".

We'll visit with good pals Bobbie and Lee Powell for lunch Thursday. And, while not yet scheduled, we expect there will be some good-bye meals around the Roost.

This update is being written at the local Ford dealership where Carpe Dinkum (Dinky) is having the front end checked and aligned. We installed a new set of tires last week and want to ensure that all is OK. We have Carpe Diem scheduled for detailing on Saturday and still need to set up carpet/upholstery shampooing and replacement of a faulty slide valve.

Tue, 09 Feb: A very, very busy week...

So much for global warming. Winter has descended on the desert with overnite lows in the twenties. Enough already!

Friday Wes from RV Medic came out and replaced a balky port side slide hydraulic valve. We noted the port slide creeping out when we left for Quartzsite. It behaved itself on the return trip, but previous experience told us that replacing it is the right thing to do. It was great seeing Wes again and the new valve seems to have done the trick.

We have pretty much completed our pre-departure chores and we're ready to roll! As mentioned above, Saturday Carpe Diem got washed and detailed, quite a task for a vehicle forty feet in length. The "deal" also included putting a coat of wax on the roof. When finished she looked pretty spiffy except for the front which has significant deterioration of the "protective" film. That will require an in-depth analysis and probably much $$$.

Sunday was a last minute brunch at Pacific Seafood in Chandler, just about our favorite Arizona buffet. We met with Ron & Joan Scott, Domingo & Carmen Davia, and Dan & Pat Rosas. The Davilas and Rosas drove in from Quartzsite, a three hour trip each way. What troopers! It was great visiting and we probably should have paid rent on our table since we stayed and gabbed so long.

Monday, 08 February, was Bob's Seventieth Birthday!!! To celebrate we had the carpets and upholstery shampooed. The denizens of RoVer's Roost also sang Happy Birthday to him. That is always a treat.

Which brings us to today. We spent the morning getting stuff transferred from the shed to the coach (stuff that's going with us) and other stuff moved from the coach to the shed (stuff that's staying). Lunch was the monthly Escapees lunch at the Golden Corral followed by a shopping trip to Sam's Club. While at Sam's we topped up Carpe Dinkum's tank at "only" $1.439/gallon.

Back to the "Roost" for final chores and preparations for tomorrow's departure.

From Casa Grande we'll be on Interstate 10 most of the way east to Florida. Yes, we do prefer secondary roads, but in this situation the Super Slab makes the most sense. We'll spend a few days at the Thousand Trails Colorado River resort in Columbus TX. Then to New Iberia LA for a few nites while we visit the Tabasco facility on Avery Island.

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