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The stormy seas from our balcony before it got too bad to...

This may be beat the bowling at Warners for a wonky green...

We have just crossed a very stormy wild Bay of Biscay and both felt OK although all the outside deck and swimming pools have been close. We spent yesterday staggering around the ship trying to find our way round, listening to the guest lecturer (Bill Bryson who was very funny) and doing a bit of dancing.... although that was a bit of a joke on the unstable floor! Everyone kept ending up in one area of the floor as it tipped up a little and then it felt as if you were dancing up hill and then down hill again.

The food and service has been very good and we get on with the 3 other couples on our table. One couple is from Melbourne and sailing back and the other two from north England. One pair is going to Cape Town and the other to Melbourne, Tasmania and then round the rest of the world cruise on Queen Victoria!

We slept well last night in spite of the rolling of the bed and the waves peaking at 7m. When we were in the theatre at the front of the ship on the evening you could hear the bang as the ship rose out of the waves and crashed down. It was quite unnerving at times. Today it is calming down and have been for a walk round the outside deck which has just opened again and found the games area which should be fun when the weather is better. It was nice to get outside even in the strong wind and it is definitely getting a warmer wind. We hope the swimming pool will be open by this afternoon as the sea continues to calm down.

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