Kenya and Tanzania - and Dubai - Fall 2015 travel blog

I've been reading about how the lack of government funding has negatively impacted the technology services the federal government provides. The horrible start to the Affordable Heatlhcare website could be an example of this. And today we suffered from another. As we came close to the Emirates ticket counter, the line ground to a halt. We stood and stood for nearly two hours. A long line of people much browner than we are, waited patiently behind us. As it got closer to our departure time, we began to wonder if the almost empty plane would take off without us.

When things got going again, the agent explained that their software for checking travelers in, meshes with the Homeland Security software. When the agent swipes your passport, that's what's reading it. Everyone besides the security folks really hustled and the almost full plane took off only an hour late. We had been looking forward to a leisurely dinner in the gate area. Glad we brought the trail mix!

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