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Sigrada Famila

from Mont Juic

Mont Juic

ah! Sangria

Let the rumble begin


Everybody is friends again

The day started with a Metro ride to Sagrada Familia.......I have wanted to see this FOREVER! Seeing something of this magnitude in photos then viewing it as it in 3-D is really different to say the least. I wasn't prepared for the how huge it was in relatively such a small space. You walk up the stairs from the Metro and the building as it right now fills the entire sky and it is not yet finished. Throngs of people trying to photograph themselves as if no one else were there. It is truly a sight to behold. It was also obvious that Tom and I did not have chance in Hell at getting in without having previously purchased tickets. We meandered around the outside marveling at the structure and wondering how different it may look in 10 years and decided to try and purchase tickets online for another day.

Back into the Metro we went to visit MontJuic.........a popular park at the other end of town that Eddie Azzopardi told us about. Great call we took the metro to the spot and found the funicular to the mind point then began a trek to the top. There is a lot to be seen up here. A beautiful park and if you continue up the hill on foot you will get to "Castell de Montjuic."

Minor history lesson here.... The castle is actually a fortress which overlooks the City of Barcelona and is situated on the top most mountain closes to the sea.". The fortress itself was beautiful and well preserved. There were still many cannons there and it boggled the mind to think that any ship with ill intentions could be blasted out of the sea by any one of the 100 plus cannons set all around the Fortress. Much history going on here. For us the real perk was the outstanding views of Barcelona from this vantage point. ne of the many reasons to. Be pleased with digital cameras as opposed to film cameras........ you just keep clicking away because you cannot believe the view.....

We decided it was time for lunch and took a gondola down from the top then the funicular to the bottom. We wandered out of the Metro at the bottom of the hill and walked a few blocks looking for an inviting place for lunch. I pulled out my trusty Barcelona map and another couple coming from the opposite direction commented that my map had much bigger print and that they had been looking to see how to get to MontJuic. Happily "kin the know" We pointed them in the direction of the Metro and funicular......... then I asked what about us? We're looking for a place for lunch.." oh my" they said just walk down another 2 blocks and you will be at the port...... many choices and much shopping. So gladly we parted ways and continued our journey.

We walked to the port area and saw that the area called "La Ramble" ended at the Port. We decided to walk up "La Ramble" for find a spot for lunch.

La Ramble worth of reminds me of the Champs Elysees in Paris, a big wide street with crowds of people walking around. The difference is that in Paris the street is incredibly wide with cars still driving down the center. On La Ramble the center area is incredibly wide with a narrow lane for cars on each side.

In the center where people are walking are outside café's and every kind of street hawking you can imagine.

We selected a spot for lunch and sat kin the middle watched the world. So much fun critiquing the masses of people walking by.

I was really enjoying the differences of the locals and tourists between here and Paris or Lyon France. Barcelona is much more casual. Tom was perfectly in vogue wearing his "American pants" (cargo shorts) here. In Paris it is a red flag yelling "WATCH OUT....AMERICAN ON THE LOOSE!!! DANGER...DANGER.". Everyone is smiling here in the much more relaxed atmosphere of Barcelona.

"A RUMBLE ON LA RAMBLA" As business slowed down the waiter would move closer to the middle of the promenade and start hawking for the restaurant. Eventually the waiters from the restaurant across the way became annoyed and started bickering with our waiter, I guess they didn't think it was fair. They each stood by their restaurant with the public walking in the middle yelling over the crowds. It really was quite entertaining and Tom and I decided it was more for show on both sides. I of course wanted to capture this moment so I asked all the waiters to stand together for a picture which them immediately did. Arm in are, waiters from both restaurants......... Gosh I really love this town.

It began to rain and we decided it was time to head back to our hotel for photo uploading, journal catch up and naps before dinner.

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