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the ship has arrived!

Happy Birthday!



Our hotel was so close to the ship, we could have walked there. Even though the luggage weighs less than usual, schlepping it half a mile was not appealing; we took a cab. Boarding couldn't have been easier, a great improvement over our last cruise which gave us a significant discount on this one. It was extra important that all went well, because it is Ken's birthday. I came well prepared with something to hang on the wall outside our door so all who passed by would wish him well.

It took a while for our luggage to come, but wouldn't you know it - his bag never was delivered. He went to the naughty room, where suitcases are held which contain something which catches the eye of the security screener. This time he offending item was his Swiss army knife, which he has taken on cruises for over twenty years. After ranting and raving for a while, he returned to our cabin with his bag. We'll just have to remember to pick up that offending tool when we get off the ship in San Diego.

San Juan has a beautiful harbor. Our favorite place to dock is opposite Old San Juan, where interesting shops and picturesque lanes are located. The butterflies which cover the wall of our living room where purchased here over many years. The Grandeur of the Seas is there today. We are docked in a newer facility, which is probably why the bureaucracy of getting onboard took place so efficiently. Opposite our location is the container port. We can see the new convention center, which lead to the recent construction of the hotel where we had a pleasant stay last night night. It's great to come here and see new development. Puerto Rico's position as a US possession that is not a state, is a mixed blessing when it comes to economic development.

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