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Centennial Trail near Arlington (Internet picture)

Captain’s Log 2019.08.24

Today we decided to venture out and tackle the Centennial Trail on our bikes. The trail runs northward along the old Northern Pacific Railway from Snohomish, WA until it reaches the Skagit County line at the Nakashima Heritage Barn. That’s a distance of 30.5 miles. Okay, okay…I can hear you all laughing and I know that some of you think we’re crazy but we really aren’t. The whole trail might be more then we want to take on right now but the 8.1 mile portion that runs from Arlington, WA to the Northern Trailhead at the Nakashima Heritage Barn was definitely something we were up for.

We parked our truck in Arlington, unloaded our bikes and headed out. A short distance into the ride we crossed the Stillaguamish River and out into the countryside on the old railway which is now a nice 6-foot wide blacktop trail. The trail parallels State Highway 9 most of the way and in one place near the community of Bryant crosses the highway before it meandered off on it’s own away from the highway giving us the opportunity to see the countryside from the old railroad engineers perspective. The trail was what you would expect from an old railway, mostly level with gentle grades both up and down…a pleasant biking experience. We got to see the backside of properties that we have driven past on Highway 9 for years. We even found some very nice swimming areas that we never knew existed as we crossed Pilchuck Creek away from the highway.

Since today was Saturday we had plenty of company on our bike ride. We had serious bikers who passed us at a good clip but mostly we would greet bikers and hikers as they passed by heading the other direction. It wasn’t crowded and we had plenty of quiet solitude along the trail. At the end of the trailhead we took a break while we chatted with another couple who were out for a ride as well. They left the trailhead before us but it wasn’t long before we decided it was time to climb back on our bikes and begin the 8.1 mile trip back to Arlington.

The weather and the ride were great and we really enjoyed the experience. We’ll see how we feel about it tomorrow morning when we have to crawl out of bed (if we can) and begin our next 3-day work cycle here at Jim Creek.

Special note: Sorry, I forgot my camera at home in the rush to get going so I didn’t take any pictures. I can’t take credit for the one picture attached…I found it on the internet.

Until next time…Enjoy!

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