Gypsy Journal (14) 1/1/2015 - 12/31/2015 travel blog

“Draw Water Joyfully from the Springs of Salvation” (aka Arch in Sonoran...

"Denim and Diamonds Dance" - 11x13 watercolor painted 1/23/2015 for RoVer's Roost...

We crewed for Ballooner Mike at Palm Creek RV Resort

We crewed for Ballooner Mike at Palm Creek RV Resort

We crewed for Ballooner Mike at Palm Creek RV Resort

We crewed for Ballooner Mike at Palm Creek RV Resort

We crewed for Ballooner Mike at Palm Creek RV Resort

We crewed for Ballooner Mike at Palm Creek RV Resort

Kazue & Robert Bushnell

1/19 – 1/31

We caravanned part way back to Casa Grande and separated in Gila Bend, AZ after lunch at Subway. David and Dianne went off to the dump and we went to the fuel stop then continued back to RoVer’s Roost. We hope to get together for another festival in March.

We stepped right back into our life of leisure in Casa Grande. Joan back to teaching one or two days a week and I got back to reading. Joan also has a new job at school, she teaches an art class once a week to seventh graders.

Our friends Bob and Ann stopped by for a couple of days. It was great to see them again.

We had all our batteries replaced by a local technician: six house batteries and two starting batteries – not a cheap deal. Our previous batteries lasted six years, which is about average.

We attended one day of the Casa Grande bluegrass festival. The bands we heard included James Reams and the Barnstormers, Bluegrass Etc. and High Plains Tradition. Our favorite was High Plains Tradition.

We, along with Harold and Rosie, checked out the $0.99 tostados at our local Food City grocery store. Not bad, and who can complain about food that is under a dollar? We also had a hamburger lunch at the clubhouse that was pretty good.

We put 405 miles on the house and 571 miles on the Jeep in January.

2/1 – 2/25

Again this month Joan was busy teaching while Ken continued his hard life of reading and playing around on the computer. Some of this stay’s highlights include:

>The Bost Family performed in our clubhouse. They are a bluegrass group that we have seen once before in this park and at the Benson Bluegrass Festival in 2009 and 2012.

> We had the opportunity to crew for a hot air balloon. The job involved preparing the balloon for takeoff (laying out a tarp, then the balloon, putting the basket together, attaching the basket to the balloon, filling the balloon with air using a fan and heating the air in the balloon). Afterwards we followed the balloon. After it landed the process was reversed (we did not cool the air, just forced it out of the balloon). Interesting and fun.

>While Joan was hard at work, Ken treated Bob and Sandy Swanson to lunch at Pacific Seafood (4.5 stars) for Bob’s birthday.

>The park spent four days celebrating Senior Rodeo Week. During the event the residents competed in a number of silly competitions. Everyone had fun and much money was raised for future events in the park. Both of us entered the Chili Contest but were not prizewinners. During the event there was an auction. Two shed doors featuring the famous Don and Juan donkeys (painted by Joan) were auctioned off for $50 a door.

>Ken built a new dash shelf for the printer and computer to sit on while Joan was busy painting a mural for a lot owner.

> Kazue & Robert Bushnell came over for a visit. We met them a couple years ago in Idaho when they first started full timing. They were staying at a campground on the other side of Casa Grande. They stayed for lunch and we talked about going to Baja next winter along with David and Dianne.

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