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There is one in Albany NY

all walls are covered with wild pictures

guess every restaurant has a Pope room

our trolley was lit

lots of activity here

of course the best of everything is in Naples

The Wind and the Willows

many restaurants with outdoor dining

3 sides of one house here

blue arches lead to the Alps

so much to see - penguins playing with snowman head

even more stuff

Grandma got run over by a reindeer!

fountain at the Ritz

Ho Ho Ho

Victoria Park houses now

tree lights and arches

snowflakes down this street

Christmas trees on mailboxes here

amazing, eh?

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pics show better on video

(MP4 - 3.96 MB)

look for candles as street lights here

Chic and I went on a bus trip sponsored by the Port Charlotte Cultural Center to have dinner at Buca de Beppo in Naples and then hop on a trolley to see Christmas lights.

There were 27 of us and we had our own room at the restaurant. The main meal consisted of fettucini alfredo, spaghetti, and chicken parmesan. Dessert was a piece of cheesecake. All was good and the food was plentiful.

Chic and I sat in the back half of the trolley where there were no windows and the plastic covering was rolled up. It was windy on the trip to the downtown business district and back, but it wasn't cold by any means! We were amazed at how far the restaurant was from the downtown area because we thought Naples was relatively small and contained. And we were a bit disappointed when we left the business district and thought we were just going back to the bus waiting at the restaurant. But we stopped at a gloriously lit house behind a car dealer and then drove down the entrance to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel around water fountains. And then came the drive through a community called Victoria Park. 99% of the houses were decorated for Christmas and it seemed that each neighborhood decided on a theme for their mailboxes or streets, besides the house decorations. This was the most amazing display of lights I have ever seen in one area - all that was missing was snow to set off the lights, like up North!

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