Camping Trip to Maine 2014 travel blog

Audrey says goodbye to Jesse & Tim as we begin our trip.

The car and the truck. Rv is in front to car.

Tow bar destroyed

Snapped right off

Grill of truck stuck on bicycles.

No grill!

The back of the car was badly damaged.

The whole mess on the side of the road.

After lunch we boarded the RV and with Jesse and Tim began the journey to Maine for our camping trip.

We were out on the road for about 3 hours when we encountered heavy traffic on RT 495 still in Mass. Anne was at the wheel and had stopped in the stop and go traffic. Well, the 18 wheel tractor trailer behind us did not stop and we felt a "bump." We limped to the side of the road with the truck behind us. As we emerged and walked back we saw the damage done by this behemoth. The car that we were towing was wedged under the back step of the RV and the RV's step was bent up such that we could not open the back door. Our grandsons bicycles were pushed forward into the rear of the car (Tom's 10 year old Acura). The back window was shattered.

After a half hour the Mass. Trooper arrived on the scene. He used a crow bar to separate the car from the RV. The car bounced up and the tires went from nearly flat to normal looking. But the vacation was in limbo and our lobsters (that we had ordered at the campground) were rapidly going off our dinner plans. The boys calmly stayed in the RV and played "Magic - The Gathering" as the police report was assembled. It took over an hour from when the accident happened to when we were allowed to head back on the road. We decided to head back to Amherst and regroup.

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