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Downtown Fountain

Art Deco Elevator Lobby in Carew Tower Bldg

Deco close-up

View south across the Ohio River to Covington, KY

Your room's not yet ready !

Cincinnati Reds Great American Ballpark entrance

Inside the ballpark

Outfield bleachers

Red Stockings plaque

1st Year statistics

John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, 1866

City Museum in 1920's Union Station

Hit the road on Tuesday after Lidia & Mia left for Spain on Monday. Decided not to follow I35 from Austin to Dallas and then to Texarkana; have driven that route numerous times before - standard U.S. Interstate. Instead went north to Waco and then northeast on Rt.31 & 155 to Texarkana. Great ride through countryside and some small towns. Very little traffic, and almost no trucks. Very enjoyable ride which is now the preferred route northeast leaving Texas. Ten hours of driving, cross the Mississippi and into Memphis. Good dinner and a good nights' sleep. Back on the road up to Louisville kinda following the Ohio River to the Florence, KY motel which is just south of Cincinnati. Eight hours drive from Memphis to Florence. 9 mile drive to Cincinnati and walked around the city and along the riverfront. The Art Deco Carew Tower Building's 47th floor observatory was a great view of the surrounding city/countryside. The Roeblings Suspension bridge built from 1856 to 1866 was the prelude/test to the more famous Brooklyn Bridge which Roeblings built (and died from) across the East River in NYC in 1883. The bridge in Cincinnati was the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time. That evening went to the Cincinnati Reds stadium to see a game versus the Milwaukee Brewers. The Reds (or as originally known The Red Stockings) were the first professional baseball team; needless to say, lots of history. Enjoyable, well laid-out stadium with lots of team history exhibits throughout the promenades. The food & drink available were actually good value for money compared to most stadiums these days. Back across the river south to Florence for a night's sleep before on to Detroit.

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