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Started the day with a brisk 54⁰wind blowing and the sun shining . The view from our spot at the top of the hill went on for miles. We woke refreshed and ready to start the trek to Calgary.

Before the long drive we needed to exchange more money for Canadian and get a new memory card for the camera. We stopped at the 8th Avenue Books & Comics for directions and met the owner, another of our unforgettable meetings. Spent about 20 minutes not only getting directions but learning a lot about the area. His directions were right on and after striking out at Staples we went next door to London Drugs – a store with everything but clothing. Instead of a new memory card we saved $$$ by getting a card reader to transfer pictures to the laptop. Seems that my Sony memory Card is unique, very hard to find and price that way.

Finally on our way (after a stop for a McDonalds vanilla iced coffee) we headed out route 7 across the rolling prairie. Green, green everywhere with some golden yellow covering many fields. The yellow is canola in bloom. We see many small farms with multiple granaries but no large barns. Most are grain farmers. We see a few cows grazing in the distance but none near the road. Every few miles we see large commercial granaries (Cargill among others) situated along the highway.

The prairie gave way to bigger hills and more cows grazing when we entered Alberta. There are not as many ponds beside the road as in Saskatchewan. Everything is green. The only dirt we see is in fields where crops have been harvested and dirt turned over. Even the banks of the streams and ponds are covered with grass/greenery, maybe some rocks but you don’t see dirt. Tom spotted a fox along the road. He was shedding and looked pretty mangy, but was our first glimpses of wildlife. Stopped at the Alberta Welcome Center and received many helpful tips and brochures for the rest of the journey through Alberta.

God is truly looking out for us today. We arrived in Calgary about 8 PM without reservations. We were able to get a spot for two nights at our first choice campground. Have shuttle bus reservations for 7:15 AM to go into Calgary for the 3 hour parade. If we can get tickets to the chuckwagon races we will catch the shuttle back at midnight. Wish us luck!

Things we have noticed – people are very friendly, almost like you are doing them a favor by asking a question; side roads are dirt, not gravel; with all the ponds we’ve passed we still haven’t seen any Canada Geese.

I am writing this on the fly for our later enjoyment and to let family and friends share our adventure. Please forgive any typos. If it’s too much information just skip it.

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